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TESOL Certification Program

Standard Certification (40 - 160 hours)

United TESOL's progressive TESOL training program enables teachers in training the flexibility to complete components of the program through interactive web-based learning modules.  Following the completion of the five day interactive classroom learning component,  student teachers move on to complete parts two to four at their own pace. There is no deadline or required completion date. 

United TESOL is proud to offer one of the most flexible, yet professionally sound teacher training program in North America.

All classroom learning components are taught during evenings and weekends so that individuals may attend without the added expense of taking time off work or  time away from their studies.

Our Standard Certification program consists of four components.  Part One, the in-class portion, is mandatory, and the remaining modules are optional and completed at your own pace.

  • Part One: Interactive Classroom Learning Module
  • Part Two: English Grammar for Teachers
  • Part Three: Specializations 
  • Part Four: Self-Directed Teaching Practice

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